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how to create user defined table (table name is in a string ) oracle using java

String Tablename="student";
stmt=con.prepareStatement("create table"+Tablename+"(name varchar(12),class varchar(12))");

with out string i.e user defined table name it works fine:

stmt=con.prepareStatement("create table student (name varchar(12),class varchar(12))");

but the above listed versions which takes string as user name shows following error

java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00901: invalid CREATE command
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Leave spaces before and after the table name, please.

Your original code resulted in this SQL command getting executed:

create tableMyTablename(name varchar(12),class varchar(12))

And in that, the tableMyTablename was not comprehensible for the DB...


stmt=con.prepareStatement("create table "+Tablename+" (name varchar(12),class varchar(12))");

Also, a few notes:

  • Java naming: variable names start with lowercase letters
  • this (preparing the statement) doesn't really make sense. It is not reusable to have a statement that can only create the same structure for a table.
  • it is wise to avoid the + to concatenate Strings, and other objects' string representations... It may have very unexpected results, even compile errors...
  • logging: in such situations, it is always wise to log the created SQL commands. Even a (yuck!) System.out.println(); is better than nothing...
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Put a space after "create table" i.e.

"create table "

Your statement was being evaluated as create tablestudent...

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