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I have a collection of checkboxes

 <input id="1" class="paid" type="checkbox" />
 <input id="2" class="paid" type="checkbox" />
 <input id="3" class="paid" type="checkbox" />
 <input id="4" class="paid" type="checkbox" />

I would like to write some jQuery to check if all checkboxes are checked then perform an action but how?

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Like this:

if (!$('input.paid[type=checkbox]:not(:checked)').length)

This will check if there are any that are unchecked, and do stuff if there aren't (i.e. they are all checked).

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any modern way to do the same thing –  temp-learn Sep 16 '13 at 19:47

I think there would be a good feature in jquery an are function:

jQuery.fn.are = function(selector) {
return !!selector && this.filter(selector).length == this.length;





I have found this function at http://api.jquery.com/is/ written by Tgr , when I was checking if this exists.

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