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I have a Maven multi-project which I want to convert to SBT: This is what it looks like:

parent project:
+ module_1 --> jar
+ module_2 --> jar
+ module_3.dependsOn(module_1,module_2) --> jar
+ module_4.dependsOn(module_3) --> war

module_4 is configured to be build as a WAR with <packaging>war</packaging> in it's pom.xml so it can be deployed later to a web application server.

I have configured this project within a single (project/build.scala) scala file. I don't want to deploy module_4 to a web server (yet) I just need it's artifact as a WAR file. Perhaps I don't understand the documentation (most likely), but when I try to write it in the scala configuration SBT doesn't compile:

lazy val snowRest = Project(id = "sc-ws",
           base = file("sc-ws"),
           settings = buildSettings ++ Seq (libraryDependencies ++= snowCannonRest) ++ Seq(artifact in (Compile, packageWar) ~= { (art: Artifact) => art.copy(`type` = "war", extension = "war")})
           ) dependsOn(snowCannonBase)

and failes with this message:

[error] Error occurred in an application involving default arguments.
[error]                               artifact in (Compile, packageWar) ~= { (art: Artifact) => art.copy(`type` = "war", extension = "war")})
[error]                                                     ^

Any suggestions ?

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While I partially managed to create a war with the sbt-web-plugin:github.com/JamesEarlDouglas/xsbt-web-plugin It still not complete, when I finally manage build the war I want I will publish the entire solution here as an answer if none will be given before that. Here is the second question regarding war packaging - stackoverflow.com/questions/15461147/… – Tal G. Mar 17 '13 at 13:18

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