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My test case is below:

    petition1 = Petition.create
    petition2 = Petition.create


    petition1.test_method(7) # => 50.0
    Petition.first.test_method(7) # => 0.0

    petition2.test_method(7) # => 25.0
    Petition.last.test_method(7) # => 0.0

How can I stub method calls for records retrieved directly from the database?

I am iterating over records in my unit test and I need method calls on certain records to return specific responses.

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The problem here is that (as you discovered) calling a find method will create a new instance of Petition. To get around this, you can stub the find methods themselves and just return the objects you want:

let(:petition1) { Petition.create }
let(:petition2) { Petition.create }

it "does what I want" do
  Petition.stub(:first) { petition1 }
  Petition.stub(:last) { petition2 }
  # test code

Unfortunately this couples the spec with the implementation of whatever method you are testing. If you use another way of getting the petitions, this may break. A more resilient approach might use factories instead, and create Petitions with the appropriate attributes.

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