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I would like to implement the iMessageFilter in my .Net Winforms application to check for certain messages (you know, WM_[messages]). I have searched but I could not find any information concerning the performance penalty when using this filter. Does anyone have experience with the implementation of iMessageFilter and the effect on application performance?

I know it also depends on what I will do in the PreFilterMessage function. It will compare the Message.Msg to specific WM_[messages] or a range of them, up to 20 or so.

Posts that will get my 'answer' mark will probably contain:

  • Your experience with iMessageFilter (with absolute performance data?).

  • And/Or a description of a method of how I can monitor/determine the penalty on performance by using the iMessageFilter. (Using PerformanceCounter in combination with CPU ticks or so?). The result would be best if it was a relative percentage of CPU usage on the application.

Thank you in advance.

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IMessageFilter only exposes posted messages, user input mostly. Shoots a hole in your "range" idea. Perf is never an issue, this is human time, you can burn a million cpu cycles and never notice it. The obvious thing to do is just try it. –  Hans Passant Feb 20 '13 at 15:08
@HansPassant Just trying it might seem obvious. But it does not necessarily gives a good understanding of the impact on much bigger applications than the one tested on. –  Mike de Klerk Apr 4 '13 at 12:31

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