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Am using Play2.1 for one of my projects.

Am trying to create a dynamic menu in the main.scala.html so that it is extendible in all sub-pages.

but how should I pass a List to main.scala.html ..

I tried on a subpage like this

@(menu: List[Rights])
@for((l, index) <- menu.zipWithIndex){
    <span class="data-@index">@l.rightName</span>

.. That was working I can see the listed rights but all I wanted is to display these rights in main.scala.html ..Kindly suggest

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You have @(title: String)(content: Html) at the beginning of the main.

Have you tried something like @(title: String, menu:List[Rights])(content: Html)?

You should be able to even add a default parameter, like @(title: String, menu:List[Rights] = Nil)(content: Html)

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