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Suppose I have

public class Parent
   private IList<Child> _children;
   public void AddChild(Child child)
      child.OnSmthChanged += ParentSmthChangedHandler;
   public void RemoveChild(Child child)
      child.OnSmthChanged -= ParentSmthChangedHandler;
public class Child
   public event EventHandler OnSmthChanged;

How do I make NHibernate to restore events when _children are loaded from database? Notice that:

  • I don't want Parent bi-directional reference in Child
  • _children is a field so I cannot intercept its "set"
  • I don't like to use global events like OrderEvents.OrderChanged(order)

So, I think about intercepting NHibernate doing load of _children and there recursively add events. Two questions:

  1. How do I do this interception for _children loading? Intercepting all collections loading would be too ineffective I guess. Small note: I use Fluent NHibernate so specific advice would be nice.
    • Something like OnAfterObjectCreated(Parent) would not work because I will not have access to the private field. Well, I can use reflection to setup if this is the only way.
  2. Is there a better way?
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You can tell nhibernate to use observable collection for _children field:

<bag collection-type="uNhAddIns.WPF.Collections.Types.ObservableBagType`1[Your.Namespace.Child
, Your.Assembly.Name], uNhAddIns.WPF" ... />


public Parent()
   (_children as INotifyCollectionChanged).CollectionChanged += DoSomething;

public void DoSomething(object sender, NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs e)
    if(e.Action == NotifyCollectionChangedAction.Add)
        foreach(var child in e.NewItems.Cast<Child>())
           child.OnSmthChanged += ParentSmthChangedHandler;

    if(e.Action == NotifyCollectionChangedAction.Remove)
        foreach(var child in e.OldItems.Cast<Child>())
           child.OnSmthChanged -= ParentSmthChangedHandler;

uNhAddins you can find here.

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