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when i start the server GAE always create the new prcoess,

ant runserver

the build.xml

  <target name="runserver" depends="datanucleusenhance"
      description="Starts the development server.">
    <dev_appserver war="war" />

C:\>netstat -a -n -o | grep 8080
  TCP              LISTENING       6496
  TCP              LISTENING       2288
  TCP              LISTENING       2572
  TCP              LISTENING       7240
  TCP              LISTENING       1672
  TCP              LISTENING       7492
  TCP              LISTENING       5660

How can i stop the GAE instance using my build.xml scripts, or which command to be used to stop the GAE instanse.

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Normally when you invoke "ant runserver" in a Console window, the resulting Java process runs in the foreground as the active job. So in order to stop it you merely have to type Control-C (or Control-BREAK on Windows).

(This page in the App Engine documentation mentions Control-C. See here regarding Control-BREAK on Windows.)

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