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I have the following scenario:
A Jetty instance is running on port 8080 with URL http://localhost:8080/appl/test
The deployed Wicket application is using Atmosphere for push events.
I've configured my Apache server like explained in the following URL:

When I access http://localhost:8080/appl/test directly without the apache proxy, it's all working fine. no problems or whatsoever.
As soon as I try to put the proxy in-front of it, it doesn't work properly anymore.

Mostly I see that the "@Subscribe" function is getting called twice, four times or six times! This doesn't happen without the proxy. And the other browser accessing the same page that should receive the push response, is receiving something, I see the following in the "Wicket Ajax Debug" window:
INFO: Response processed successfully.
INFO: refocus last focused component not needed/allowed

Does anyone here have the knowledge about configuring Apache's proxy to allow for proper websocket/cometd push events through atmosphere?

A quickstart for the Wicket project: http://glitchbox.nl/stack/atmosphere_proxy_problem.zip
The apache config: http://glitchbox.nl/stack/default (rep limit of 2 links ;-( )

Thanks in advance.

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Did you try playing with the 'transport' and 'fallbackTransport' atmosphere request parameters? – Bizmarck Feb 24 '13 at 2:06
@bizmark Up until now I've discovered that when using the Proxy, the Atmosphere framework switches back to Comet instead of WebSockets. This in turn has problems within Wicket itself. If I force the Atmosphere framework to use Comet instead of WebSockets, it also fails when not using the Proxy. I've reported this as an issue: link – mspringer Mar 6 '13 at 10:17

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