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In an interview I was asked the below question.

Let say there is class A with a method drawShape() and there is another class B with a method drawSquare().

Now there is a third class C that extends both A and B.

Now finally in my class C I want both these methods.

How do I get both these methods at same time?

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You should really start reading about how Java works. – Achrome Feb 20 '13 at 13:28
"now there is a third class named C which is extending both the classes A and B" Not possible in Java. Java does not support multiple inheritance. – Andrew Thompson Feb 20 '13 at 13:29

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Do not you extends because Java does not suppert , instead you can use interface:

interface IA{
   void drawshape();

inerface IB{
   void drawsquare();

class A implements IA{

class B implements IB{

class C implements IA,IB{
   private A a;
   private B b;

   void drawshape(){

   void drawsquare(){
     b. drawsquare()
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Now there is a third class C that extends both A and B

In Java, you can't extend to multiple classes.

If you want you can extend B to A, then extend C to B, in this way you should be able to access both methods

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Java doesn't support multiple Class inheritance: a Class can only extend one other Class.

Instead, you can use Composition (having classes inside your class) to achieve what was asked:

Class C {
    A a = new A();
    B b = new B();


Now C can access either method by doing a.drawShape() or b.drawSquare().

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