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How can I use Brython to compile Python to Javascript? I want to do this on my computer, so I can the run Javascript with nodejs, eg.

$ python hello.py
Hello world
$ brython hello.py -o hello.js
$ node hello.js
Hello world

The examples on the Brython website only explain how do this in the browser http://brython.info/index_en.html

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It seems they are very browser oriented, there is no command line option out of the box.

You can try to use their code youself from node.js, perhaps it will work easily. It seems the $py2js(src, module) function does the actual conversion so maybe you can just run it with the python code string as first parameter.

Another option is to use pyjs: http://pyjs.org/ which does something similar and has command line tool to do the conversion.

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