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I need to make some lines with gnuplot. However due to the small size of the plots, I want to make those lines fat. However they overlap now with the axis. and into the normal picture. How can I cut those lines of so they dont do it?


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If you are plotting data, you can adjust the overall x and y ranges so that the lines don't overlap with the borders:

set xrange [xmin:xmax]
set yrange [ymin:ymax]

If you are plotting functions, you can also cut off lines by adjusting the range when you plot:

plot [xmin:xmax][ymin:ymax] ...

This is a little more tricky because the function will automatically go to the edge of the plot anyway. If this is the case, you can specify a larger range for a blank line:

plot [-2:2][-2:2] NaN notitle, [-1:1] x**2 title 'x^2'
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