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In the case of writing to file from camera using AVAssetWriting and setting, for example AVVideoWidth to 1280 and AVVideoHeight to 720, but use video settings for AVCAptureSession as AVCaptureSessionPreset640x480 (or any other resolutions). Will the video in the end be encoded in AVAssetWriter's settings or rather AVCaptureSession's settings will be applied?

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When setting up an AVCaptureSession you define the format that AVFoundation delivers to a client(== your app).
So a capture session is the starting point of your data flow.
AVAssetWriter is the final destination of your video data, so ultimately the video will have the format you specified when creating the asset writer.
In between, AVAssetWriter will transcode all samples it receives from the format of your capture session to the format you specified for your AVAssetWriterInput (in the outputSettings dict)

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that sounds, it seems that the resulting video will be 1280x720 even when the source was 640x480 – peetonn Feb 20 '13 at 18:43

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