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Given the following:

declare @samplexml as xml
set @samplexml = '<root><someelement><another /><somethingElse>test</somethingElse></someelement></root>'


I get the result:


But I want the result:

<root><someelement><another /><somethingElse>test</somethingElse></someelement></root>

How can I select the actual XML element? I also tried:


But I got the error The data type 'XML' used in the VALUE method is invalid..

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Are you trying to get the full xml given as input? –  misha Feb 20 '13 at 14:44

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Just use the .query() method instead of .value() :

SELECT @samplexml.query('/root[1]')


SELECT @samplexml.query('.')

This returns the element (and its contents) that matches that XPath expression given, and it's returned as XML type

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