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Let's say I have three parameters in my SP. Ids('1,2,3'), price('22,33.7,44'),count('4,5,1'). I also have Split function. Now, I want to insert these values in my database table. So my table will look like,

ID Price  Count
1   22     4
2   33.7   5
3   44     1
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From SQL 2008 onwards, you can use Table Valued Parameters - I'd recommend trying that route so you can just pass a structured table in to your sproc. There's full examples in that MSDN link.

I'd prefer that route generally over CSV values/string splitting. I blogged here with a comparison of some different approaches & performance: Table Valued Parameters vs XML vs CSV

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can you show an example? – user960567 Feb 20 '13 at 14:53
there's examples in both links. In your case, you would just have a single table valued parameter with 3 columns (ID, Price, Count) – AdaTheDev Feb 20 '13 at 14:55
Simnply superb. Why-1? – user960567 Feb 20 '13 at 15:05
It wasn't me that downvoted :) – AdaTheDev Feb 20 '13 at 15:06
create function dbo.SimpleSplit(@str varchar(max))
returns @table table (
    val varchar(max),
    rowid int
with schemabinding
    declare @pos int,
            @newPos int,
            @rowid int;
    set @pos = 1;
    set @newPos = charindex(',', @str, 1);
    set @rowid = 1;

    while (@newPos != 0)
        insert into @table
            values (substring(@str, @pos, @newPos - @pos), @rowid);

        set @rowid += 1;

        set @pos = @newPos + 1;
        set @newPos = charindex(',', @str, @pos);

        if (@newPos = 0)
            insert into @table
                values (substring(@str, @pos, len(@str)), @rowid);


create procedure somesp (@id varchar(128), @price varchar(128), @count varchar(128))
    select t.val as id, t2.val as price, t3.val as [count]
    from dbo.SimpleSplit(@id) t
    inner join dbo.SimpleSplit(@price) t2 on t.rowid = t2.rowid
    inner join dbo.SimpleSplit(@count) t3 on t.rowid = t3.rowid

exec somesp '1,2,3', '22,33.7,44', '4,5,1'
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