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I am trying to create a custom score counter in unity, currently I am using the below code to create the score counter.

`void OnGUI () {
         GUILayout.BeginArea ( new Rect( Screen.width/2-Screen.width / 8, 10, Screen.width / 4, Screen.height / 4 ) );
         GUILayout.Box ( score.ToString () );
         GUILayout.EndArea ();

What i am trying to achieve is like a a digital clock type counter, so there would be an image of the of the background then the number in the center of that background would change as score increased. I would also like to implement a sort of flick down as if you turned a page in a notebook type effect when the score increased.

edit** I know I can use guitexture and add different images to it as score changes, I am able to do this so if somebody could tell me how id add a animation like the page turn to it as the score changes that would be perfect also.

Any help with completing this is appreciated

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public GUITexture textureScore;
public Texture2D zero;
public Texture2D one;
public Texture2D two;
public Texture2D three;
public Texture2D four;
public Texture2D five;

void Update () {
    if(score == 0){
            textureScore.guiTexture.texture = zero;     
        }else if(score == 1){
            textureScore.guiTexture.texture = one;              
        }else if(score == 2){
            textureScore.guiTexture.texture = two;              
        }else if(score == 3){
            textureScore.guiTexture.texture = three;                
        }else if(score == 4){
            textureScore.guiTexture.texture = four;             
        }else if(score == 5){
            textureScore.guiTexture.texture = five;             

not perfect but it works

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Just an idea: I used to work with the native Unity GUI as well and then switched to NGUI when my menus got more complex. I am still happy with my decision. –  Kay Feb 20 '13 at 16:25
Why wouldn't you just use a List<Texture2D> and then index that list with score.. –  Sheridan Bulger Feb 20 '13 at 18:13
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