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i need to INSERT data with date from a table to another table with windows batch (.bat).

SET thedate='02/02/13'
mysql -e "INSERT INTO dest select str_to_date($thedate,'%d/%m/%Y') from source" thebase -uroot -ppassword`"

when i drag the .bat file to cmd window, the window show my code as :

SET thedate='02/02/13'
mysql -e "INSERT INTO dest select str_to_date($thedate,'m/Y') from source" thebase -uroot -ppassword"

the %d/%m/%Y has changed to m/Y so i get null value in table dest. When i run this query directly in phpmyadmin, it run well.

I use xampp 18.1 Apache/2.4.3 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.1c PHP/5.4.7

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In Windows batch, the syntax for variables is %foo%, not $foo. You're probably confusing it with bash. As such:

  • $thedate is not a variable
  • %d/% is considered an unset d/ variable
  • the % in %Y is considered an unmatched variable delimiter and gets ignored

You can escape % if you duplicate it:

SET thedate='02/02/13'
echo %thedate%,'%%d/%%m/%%Y'

... prints:


I'd advise you against composing SQL strings through the command line interpreter if possible. It's very difficult to get it right.

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