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I have a working namespace extension using ATL/MFC. To make it look like explorer I used the default shell folder view (defview) using SHCreateShellFolderView. So far everything works pretty well. Only big question mark I have is how I can implement sorting in the defview when a column is clicked? When I click on a column CompareIDs of the IShellFolder is called but I have to set focus into the view and hit F5 to see some changes. I tried searching the internet but information on this subject is pretty rare...

Kind regards, Michael

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Maybe response to the SFVM_COLUMNCLICK message helps you.


HRESULT ExampleFolderView_OnColumnClick(HWND hwnd, UINT uiColumn)
    SHShellFolderView_Message(hwnd, SFVM_REARRANGE, uiColumn)
    return S_OK;
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