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In the following code, calling swapBig(a,some number,somenumber), where a is an array, is copied to bleh[] in swapBig(). When values in bleh[] are swapped, the corresponding values in a[] are also changed. Why does this happen, and how would I write the code so that only bleh[] is modified and not the original a[]? Thanks so much!

public static void swapBig(String bleh[], int to, int from){ //switches data
    //Actually performing the swaps
    String temp;
    temp = bleh[to];
    bleh[to] = bleh[from];
    bleh[from] = temp;
public static void quickSort(String a[], String b[], String c[], String d[],
String e[],String f[], int from, int to){
    //performing the quickSort
    if (from >= to) return;
    int p = (from + to) / 2;
    int i = from;
    int j = to;
    while (i <= j){
        if (a[i].compareTo(a[p]) <= 0)
        else if (a[j].compareTo(a[p]) >= 0)
            swapBig(a, i, j);
            swapBig(b, i, j);
            swapBig(c, i, j);
            swapBig(d, i, j);
            swapBig(e, i, j);
            swapBig(f, i, j);
    if (p<j){
        swapBig(a, p, j);
        swapBig(b, p, j);
        swapBig(c, p, j);
        swapBig(d, p, j);
        swapBig(e, p, j);
        swapBig(f, p, j);
        p = j;
    }else if (p>i){
        swapBig(a, p, i);
        swapBig(b, p, i);
        swapBig(c, p, i);
        swapBig(d, p, i);
        swapBig(e, p, i);
        swapBig(f, p, i);
        p = i;
    quickSort(a, b, c, d,e,f, from, p-1);
    quickSort(a, b, c, d,e,f, p + 1, to);

public static void main (String args [])
    //Asking for options (what to sort by/search for)
    System.out.println("Sort or Search?");
    String look = promptFor.nextLine();
    if (look.equalsIgnoreCase("Sort")){
    System.out.println("Sort by First, Last, Instrument, Instrument Family, 
    Special Title, or University:");
    String toSortBy = promptFor.nextLine();
    if (toSortBy.equalsIgnoreCase("First"))
    if (toSortBy.equalsIgnoreCase("Last"))
    if (toSortBy.equalsIgnoreCase("Instrument"))
    if (toSortBy.equalsIgnoreCase("Instrument Family"))
    if (toSortBy.equalsIgnoreCase("Special Title"))
    if (toSortBy.equalsIgnoreCase("University"))
    main(null);     }
    else if (look.equalsIgnoreCase("Search")) {
    System.out.println("Which last name do you wish to search for?");
        System.out.println("Command Not Recognized\n");

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In Java, method parameters are by reference, not by value, which means you pass the reference to the object, not a copy of the object. Note that primitives are passed by value. –  m0skit0 Feb 20 '13 at 15:44

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It's simple enough.

The values of the arrays are swapped, because you passed the array to the swapping function, and in Java, parameters are passed by reference.

To avoid this.

String[] tempArray = a.clone();
swapBig(tempArray, i, j); //This will not change the values in a, but tempArray.
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you are passing a reference to the array, not a copy of it.

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because you have passed the reference of the object and any operation with this reference will modify the main object

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Variable bleh is copied the value of variable a so actually bleh is pointing to actual object and if you modify with bleh this will change actual object this is because of java supports pass by value.

You can get the desired result if you clone it before pass.

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If you want to pass a copy of the array use the arrayVar.clone() method, System.arraycopy(), or Array.copyOf().

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