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I have wrote the following snippet of code however, I am receiving an index out of bounds error. I am unsure how to fix this. Does anyone know how I can resolve it. Thanks in advance!

image = imread('image_3.jpg');

N = 100; 
smth = rgb2gray(image);

% Calculating size of image
[row col] = size(image);

eline = smth; %eline is simply the image intensities

[grady,gradx] = gradient(double(smth));

eedge = -1 * sqrt ((gradx .* gradx + grady .* grady)); %eedge is measured by gradient in the image

m1 = [-1 1];
m2 = [-1;1];
m3 = [1 -2 1];
m4 = [1;-2;1];
m5 = [1 -1;-1 1];

cx = conv2(smth,m1,'same');
cy = conv2(smth,m2,'same');
cxx = conv2(smth,m3,'same');
cyy = conv2(smth,m4,'same');
cxy = conv2(smth,m5,'same');

for i = 1:row
for j= 1:col-1

    eterm(i,j) = (cyy(i,j)*cx(i,j)*cx(i,j) -2 *cxy(i,j)*cx(i,j)*cy(i,j) + cxx(i,j)*cy(i,j)*cy(i,j))/((1+cx(i,j)*cx(i,j) + cy(i,j)*cy(i,j))^1.5);

??? Attempted to access cyy(1,901); index out of bounds because

Error in ==> snake at 31
    eterm(i,j) = (cyy(i,(j-1)+1)*cx(i,j)*cx(i,j) -2
    *cxy(i,j)*cx(i,j)*cy(i,j) +
    cxx(i,j)*cy(i,j)*cy(i,j))/((1+cx(i,j)*cx(i,j) +
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Before the the nested for loops verify the value of col-1 –  slayton Feb 20 '13 at 15:49
The value of col-1 is 2699 –  Andrew Jackson Feb 20 '13 at 15:52
The size of cyy however is 700 by 900 –  Andrew Jackson Feb 20 '13 at 16:10
either shrink the size of the image to [700x900] or increase the size of cyy –  slayton Feb 20 '13 at 16:23

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Change the line where you calculate image size to:

[row col] = size(smth);

image is rgb and so is (I presume) 700 by 900 by 3. Because the input has three dimensions and you're only asking for two outputs, it multiplies the last two dimensions together, giving col = 2700.

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