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We want to set up a framework to automate performance test executions of a Linux-based client/server application.

The current workflow is:

1. Prepare the test environment, start the application.
2. Start the monitoring tools
3. Start the load generators for a given scenario
4. Store the data recorded by the monitoring tools
5. Produce HTML Reports
6. Shutdown the application
7. go back to 1, run the next test scenario

We have scripts for each of the tasks above. Our obvious next step is to write a master script which will glue everything together and add features like scheduled runs and the like.

But, before going ahead and reinventing the wheel, I thought I should ask: are you aware of any generic framework out there that could be used in this context?

Some people suggest to use a CI tool like Jenkins, but it seems a bit of an overkill for the job.

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Jenkins is great for that kind of tasks
because you can easily spawn jobs on remote servers
while monitoring the progress of the whole process.

It is also very simple to install and manage, and... It's free.

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Don't want to repeat it but the investment in Jenkins will pay dividends down the line, it is a great tool for orchestration and utilizing multiple driver computer (or VMs).

That said, if you want to consider something lighter, then look at 'perl' scripting for this type of activity. Just Google 'perl for system admin' and you will get the idea

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