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Afternoon All,

I am creating a series of graphs and line charts to report data on.

One of the graphs my user requires is a bar graph that essentially holds two values and im not too sure this can be done? Essentially the graph he has drawn has a range from 40 to -40. He wishes the range from 0 - 40 to report on one value and the range 0 to -40 to hold the other value.

I have already created a stored procedure to pull back the data with the two sets if values for my two meters but cant figure out a way to show this in a bar graph.

Many thanks in advance.

Regards Bet

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I think a good workaround solution for you will be to use two graph close to each other.

See example: enter image description here

for the lower graph, click on Y-Axis and set the propery Reverse to true

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