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I have managed to set a dataset to my tablix on my report viewer that will hold all items belonging to a bill. The issue I present you with is I cannot seem to add any parameters to my textboxes in my .rdlc report. Is this because I have added a connection to my database? Before I added my connection I could easily add parameters, but not anymore. Take a look at my report:

enter image description here

All the red rectangles is where I would usually have my parameters. Is there a way to programmatically do this?

Dim rpJobNum = New ReportParameter("tbJobNo", JobNum)

rv is my report viewer form

rvRdlc is my report viewer control

tbJobNo is my textbox' job number name

JobNum is a variable which holds the respective value (ex: 10000)

If I execute that,I will receive an error:

enter image description here

Any idea why I cannot seem to add any parameter controls? Perhaps there's another way of doing this?

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Figured out why I couldn't add parameters. Pretty noob stuff on my part.

Go to View > Report Data

Ctrl + Alt + D

Or... Ctrl + Alt + D

My apologies, but, I'll answer this if it can help someone!

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Dim parmlist As New List(Of ReportParameter)()
parmlist.Add(New ReportParameter("tbJobNo ", JobNum))

you need to create a list, as i did here

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No, that does not add the parameter to the report. What you are doing here is assigning a value to an existing parameter "tbJobNo" ... Which in my case was not added. I had to add it using the Report Data tool, where you create your parameters. – Alex May 22 '13 at 23:53

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