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 Dim alCustomers as New ArrayList

 Dim li1 As New ListItem("John", 7)

 Dim li2 As New ListItem("Abe", 2)

How can I sort the alCustomers arraylist, by Value?



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What version of .Net are you using? –  Abe Miessler Feb 20 '13 at 16:18
Hi, using .net 2.0 unfortunately, the answers look great though but the OrderBy function was not in .net 2.0. Hope there is a way around this –  Peter PitLock Feb 21 '13 at 6:41

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In C# with .NET 3.5 or newer it would work like this:

// Create a list of ListItem objects
List<ListItem> alCustomers = new List<ListItem>();

// Add the list items
alCustomers.Add(new ListItem("John", 7));
alCustomers.Add(new ListItem("Abe", 2));

var orderedCustomers = alCustomers
    // Order the items by their value...
    .OrderBy(item => item.Value)
    // and convert it to a list.

Unfortunately since the last version of Visual Basic I used was VB6, I am not sure how to translate that. This is my best guess:

// Create a list of ListItem objects
Dim alCustomers as New List(Of ListItem)

// Add the list items
alCustomers.Add(New ListItem("John", 7))
alCustomers.Add(New ListItem("Abe", 2))

Dim orderedCustomers As List(Of ListItem) = alCustomers
    // Order the items by their value...
    .OrderBy(Function(item As ListItem) item.Value)
    // and convert it to a list.
    .ToList(Of ListItem)()
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Using Linq:

alCustomers = alCustomers.OrderBy(Function(item) item.Value)

This solution requires a List instead of an ArrayList.

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