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I want to run echo hallo in first cmd window and I want that cmd window to pop up another instance of cmd that will execute echo world after echo hallo finished (with success or failure) and I want both cmd windows to stay opened ever after both processes completed

and to do this entire thing I'll run and cmd.exe from my program

right now I am using
cmd /K start cmd.exe /K "echo hallo & start cmd.exe /K echo world"
and its working. and these two quotes are mandatory, otherwise it doesn't work

The Problem:

the two executables I'll runn in two command prompts may have spaces inside it So I have to guard them and their arguments in " and that will conflict with the enclosing quotes at top level. as I don't see it handles embedded quotes properly.

windows>cmd /K start cmd.exe /K "echo hallo & start \"cmd.exe\" /K echo world"
windows>cmd /K start cmd.exe /K "echo hallo & start ""cmd.exe"" /K echo world"
windows>cmd /K start cmd.exe /K "echo hallo & start 'cmd.exe' /K echo world"

none of these three works

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2 Answers

The /k needs to be part of the quoted string.
If you are trying to do what I think you are doing, try nesting the quotes like so:

cmd /K start cmd.exe /K "echo hello & start ""cmd.exe" /k" echo world"
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To avoid quotes in file name use it's 8.3 alias, such as EXECUT~1.EXE.

You can get the alias with
DIR /X "executable with spaces inside.exe"

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