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Considering any programming language for Windows, is there any cloud IDE where I can supply code and receive the executable either by a mail or cloud storage?

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This will sound a bit weird, but i think what you're looking for is a Cross Compiler, and a Cloud IDE that gives you the ability to install whatever tools you need (such as Cross Compilers).

The only one that i am aware of is Koding, since they give you a full Ubuntu VM with Root. You are able to install whatever tools you need, so in this case it should work.

Now, you didn't specify a specific language so it's hard to give you help in that regard, but if you're looking for a "Windows-specific" language such as C#/.NET, have a look at Mono. Mono, with a Cross Compiler, could compile the bin you need on Koding and then you would just download the exe from them.

All browser based :)

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