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I would like to parameterize 2D curves that look a bit like handwriting. I have the curves as a series of x-y points. It seems like handwriting recognition techniques may be helpful, though I do not want to recognize characters. Rather, I'd like to input some training shapes and have a useful parameterization found, so that I can then get the parameters on new data.


  • The parameters include the position of a specific feature. For example, if the shape looks like a Y, I'd like to annotate the training data images with the position of the middle intersection. The output parameters on new shapes should include the location of the feature.
  • It should be possible to "trace" the shape parameterically. For example, I'd like to get N roughly equally spaced points on the curve.

I've done a little exploring myself, and it seems like there are some things close to what I want.

  • Bezier curves. I could parameterize the curves with some fixed number of points, with some constraints on them to give the right approximate shape. It's a bit of magic on my part to get the "right" constraint. And it, doesn't really scale because it requires human input. However, this is my current approach if all else fails.
  • Lipi Toolkit. The Getting Started guide is mostly about recognition. I'm about to dig into the code and see what could be useful inside. http://lipitk.sourceforge.net/lipi-core-toolkit.htm
  • "Polynomial approximation in handwriting recognition" It's paper behind paywall... sigh. It seems to be along the lines of what I'm after, though. http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2331687 I'm about to go digging through Stephen's homepage for more info.

Any other thoughts/references/libraries out there that folks know about?

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Have you looked at splines? –  RageD Feb 20 '13 at 16:56