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Why deleting non existing record does not raise an error in sqlalchemy. no feedback whether the record was deleted or not.


Thank you for your clarification.


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I don't think it is an error. For example it is perfectly legal to issue a query to delete records in sql that "don't exist"

If i have a table 'posts' with a column 'id'. with no records


It is perfectly valid sql, there is no error, even though there are no rows

I am not too familiar with sqlalchmey but could you check to see if value exists first?

element = session.query(Element).filter(Element.id==ElementId).first()
if element:
   # delete element
   # raise exception

The above will issue an additional query though...

Also, if you want a delete method that raises error you can create your own session class Change SQLAlchemy's Session.delete() behaviour and override delete

As zzzeek points out delete with a criteria

Returns the number of rows deleted, excluding any cascades.

Which is another option for seeing if any rows are deleted

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delete() on criteria will return the number of rows matched, so you can assert on that. otherwise this answer is correct, if you want a checked delete of an identity you have to use session.delete(). –  zzzeek Feb 20 '13 at 17:18
Thank you all, I'll try the suggested answer. –  zorro Feb 21 '13 at 11:50

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