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Hi i am developing an android application in which i need to delete all messages from inbox. I followed the method of fetching single id and deleting the corresponding message. this works fine when messages in inbox are less. If more number of messages are there it takes a long time. How does In-build messaging application and GoSMS deletes even 4000 and more messages in few seconds when "Delete All" option is selected.

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I would assume that all the items are removed from the adapter, and placed in a separate thread to delete. To the user all the items are no longer there, but the background thread will still be running.

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Hi jimmithy, Thanks for your reply. I noticed that once i delete all messages using Delete All option and check the inbox through In-built messaging application, it shows no messages in inbox i hope so both the applications uses the content://sms/ location to populate the messages to display to users. If items are removed from adapter does same adapter exist for GoSMS and in-built messaging app. –  user2092251 Feb 21 '13 at 14:05

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