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I'm trying to use the Logs API to query for logs in my application. However, I'd like to query for logs for ALL versions of my application. The log service has a query parameter called majorVersionIds which you can set to a list of versions you want to query for or null for the current running version.

I'd like to query for ALL versions but I don't have a static list of all the versions to provide as the parameter. Any idea if there is a programatic way to get all the versions of an app?

My current solution would be to add a filter to all my versions which add the current version to a list of all versions and use that but that seems hackey.

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Have you seen: stackoverflow.com/questions/11480101/… ? –  sushain97 Sep 4 '13 at 23:00

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You can download all available logs from the command line using appcfg.py.

In order to use the Logs API, you'd need to maintain a list of available version ids and provide it to logservice.fetch.

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