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Using bootstrap in Joomla. I've tried looking for a solution and tried a few differenet answers on here, but cant seem to get it working.

So far i've got the following to return the name but i want it to send the id rather than the name in the search input.

Here's what i have printed via php so far:

    jQuery(document).ready(function() {

        var artistData = [{"id":"3","artist_name":"DJ One"},{"id":"2","artist_name":"DJ Two"},{"id":"1","artist_name":"Another DJ"}];


        source: function(query, process) {
            artists = [];
             ids = {};

            jQuery.each(artistData, function(id, artist) {
                ids[artist.artist_name] = artist.id;
        matcher: function (item) {
            if (item.toLowerCase().indexOf(this.query.trim().toLowerCase()) != -1) {
                return true;

        sorter: function (items) {
            return items.sort();
        updater: function (item) {
            selectedArtist = item.id;
            return item;



I've tried various anwsers but this at least returns the artist_name but obviously that throws a mysql error. if i type in the id number into the input it works fine.

I just need to work out how to change the value to the id on submit. Any help appreciated.

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I realize this is probably late, but there are a few mistakes happening here:

  1. I am not sure where you are using selectedArtist, as it's not defined by anything visible.
  2. In matcher, you never return for false. This may actually work out of coincidence as JavaScript will consider undefined as false.
  3. You go through the effort of breaking apart the artistData, but you never actually use either array beyond that function explicitly (should be declared with var in that case rather than adding it to the global object by not using var).
  4. Since you pass in the artists array to process, then any item passed around after that will just be an individual string contained by that array; it will not be a JSON object from the original array.

From there, you can reference my answer on an otherwise similar question. Typeahead 2.x does not support using JSON objects by default, but it does support working with them if you override the render and select methods, which you must currently cheat to do (shown in the other answer).

At the end of it all, you then can do whatever you want within updater using the original JSON items (e.g., {"id":"3","artist_name":"DJ One"}). Therefore, you should probably return item.artist_name there, and likely set some global (I imagine you may already be trying to do this) to the value of item.id to track what is actually selected.

Also note: if--after the user has picked an item from the generated typeahead list--they type in an artist that does not exist in the database, then you should unset the global that you set in updater to avoid claiming id-whatever (e.g., 3) represents the unknown artist that they just typed in.

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