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I am trying to work with an array and am having some difficulties. I know this is elementary but I am still new the jquery/javascript so not sure why this isn't working

var vids = new Array();

vids[0] = $('#tab_content_1 iframe').attr('src');
vids[1] = $('#tab_content_2 iframe').attr('src');
vids[2] = $('#tab_content_3 iframe').attr('src');
vids[3] = $('#tab_content_4 iframe').attr('src');   


$.each(vids, function() {
    if( $(this).attr('src').search('?w=opaque')){
            $(this).attr('src').replace('$?=opaque', '?w=transparent');

I am attempting to search the url of an iframe for the opaque parameter and swap it out with the transparent parameter.

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What part doesn't work? Do you see your alert? – Jeff B Feb 20 '13 at 17:41

You have several issues, but the biggest is that you're creating an array of the iframe src values, but then trying to reference the parent frames. Here's what you need (note the many simplifications):

$('#tab_content_1 iframe, #tab_content_2 iframe, #tab_content_3 iframe, #tab_content_4 iframe', function() {
    var frame = $(this),
        src = frame.attr('src');
    if (src.indexOf('?w=opaque') != -1)
        frame.attr('src', src.split('?w=opaque').join('?w=transparent'));

Note that the search method was being misused, and that replace doesn't work the way you're using it. Thus, the updated code uses indexOf to check the string and split/join to replace.

Also, we're using a jQuery DOM query selector directly at the start instead of a separate iframe array (which is redundant).

Finally, note the use of attr(prop, value) to set the attribute.

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strange it looks good but doesn't seem to be working..? – EZDC Feb 20 '13 at 18:22
There was a typo (src.split('?=opaque') vs src.split('?w=opaque')). That might be the issue; otherwise, start adding console.log(...) calls to debug your code. – N Rohler Feb 20 '13 at 19:18

Isn't this would work:

$.each(vids, function () {
   if ($(this).attr('src').indexOf('?') > 0) {
      var str = $(this).attr('src').substr(0, $(this).attr('src').indexOf('?'));
      $(this).attr('src', str+'?w=transparent');
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