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I ve hive installed in my ubuntu. Installed PHP5 and apache2 server as well. Started thrift server using hive --service hiveserver . Querying hive tables from php file in Command line interface(CLI) giving me expected results. but from the web browser(http://localhost:10000/) i'm not able to invoke hive. Tried googling the problem couldn't find it. please help me the solution.

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Hive thrift server just provide a thrift service for hive query but not web service.

I think what you need is HWI (hive web interface). I recommend this project. We use it in production environment.

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Tnx for the reply!!!But dont i get to run in web browser if i put all thrift php files in Apache2 var/www and do localhost:10000 from web browser. when i run it in browser i m able to invoke thrift server running but map reduce is not taking place. –  user2092402 Feb 25 '13 at 13:32

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