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Anyone have any advice about getting to work in Chrome Packaged Apps? I have followed everything in the tutorials, and my webview doesn't load the URL, but the container shows up. I used horrible colours on purpose so I could see the frames (sorry in advance)

Manifest.JSON - Window.html -

Any advice you could give would be great!

Google Chrome Version 4.0.1312.57 m

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The pastebin's are no longer present. Please update the question with new code. – Kolban Nov 2 '14 at 18:20

Sadly, your pastebin is outdated, but I guess the problem is your packaged app is a legacy packaged apps.

To fix that, convert this:

"app": {
  "launch": {
    "local_path": "browser.html"

to this:

"app": {
  "background": {
  "scripts": ["main.js"]

main.js should then contain this:;;

function runApp() {"browser.html");
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