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Hi: I have an old Mobinnova Beam (Elan) w/ Windows CE 6 (Embedded Code 6). I am wondering if I can, via a memory stick loaded with some variety of ARM Linux, boot up Linux on this machine, the specs for which will be forthcoming. If so, could you'd be so kind as to detail how to do so with sufficient specifics for a relative novice?

Also are there alternatives -- better/worse, easier/harder -- to using a memory stick to -- temporarily or permanently -- effect this change to Linux from Windows CE on the Mobinnova? If so, and, once again, you'd be so kind as to detail how to do so in specifics sufficient for a relative novice, it'd be greatly appreciated.

In addition, what version of Arm Linux do you recommend? I'd prefer a small one given the unit's limitations. (ere are Mobinnova Beam specs: Nvidia Tegra2 (Dual Cortex A9), 1000 Mhz, 512 MB RAM, 8 GB FLASH.)

Thank you.

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Can't say about CE6 but WM6.5 (which is based on CE6) is able to do so with help of haret. Although You'd need support for the chipset in haret and a working linux kernel. Although your problems don't end there. Linux's requirements are not same as WCE's so some control registers will need deep inspection.

All in all, for a relative novice, No chance.

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