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I'm creating a Perl 5 module distribution, the source of which is hosted on github. I've run into the same problem as user Anirvan in this question: I'd like github to see a README.md file, but the .tar.gz to include the same file as plain README. The answer to that question, "use README.pod for both", works in this case, but I'm wondering if I could have made my original attempt work:

  • I only have README.md in the repository, not README.
  • My MANIFEST contains README (since that's going into the tarball), but not README.md (since it isn't).
  • My MANIFEST.SKIP contains README.md, since I don't want that in the tarball.
  • My Makefile.PL (*) has an entry under PL_FILES to a short script that copies the README.md to a README file

This generates the README, but along the way:

  • t/manifest.t without make complains that README is in the manifest, but is missing
  • perl Makefile.PL also complains about README missing

Am I misinterpreting the purpose of the MANIFEST file, or this test? Is it somehow possible to denote a file which should be packed, but isn't there yet? I've tried changing the test, but I could only find a way for Test::CheckManifest to ignore files that were there, but "shouldn't be", not ignore files that are not there, but "should".

(*) Yes, I'm using ExtUtils::MakeMaker, since that's what module-starter defaulted to, and it works so far. I'm not sure if another tool would change much, though.

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(Answering my own question here): ExtUtils::MakeMaker, Module::Build and the others are primarily installation methods. You should ignore what make, Build and the others are complaining about while building the distribution. It's what make disttest complains about that matters.

For that matter, do not place code to help build your distribution in Makefile.PL. You should only place code there that is to be run during installation time. So if you want README.md to become README, you had better distribute README.md too. This is obviously not what you want(*).

Instead, take a look at Dist::Zilla. This is explicitly a distribution creation system, and not an installation system.

(*) Replying to your own question can get really wierd… :-/

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