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How do I do this in Meteor?

Template.foo.bar = function() {

someVar = return value of some other function
return SomeCollection and someVar;



{{#each someCollection}}
{{someVar}} {{someCollectionField}}

in regular javascript I could just use an array to return multiple values how does it work in Meteor?

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You could return a js object and use handlebars to go through it

Client js

Template.foo.bar = function() {
    someVar = getmyotherfunction();
    return {
            SomeCollection: SomeCollection.find({...}),
            someVar: someVar


Client html

<template name="foo">
    {{#each bar.SomeCollection}}

You can access a bar value inside the handlebars each loop and just use . to get inside objects. Arrays also work, use .0 to get the first item in the array, 0 being the index.

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Sweet...Thanks! –  algorithmicCoder Feb 20 '13 at 21:13

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