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I have a stackpanel (stackPanel1) which is inside a scrollviewer.

I have 2 textboxes at the top of stackPane1 then another stackpanel (stackPanel2) which have two buttons, then another stackpanel(stackPanel3) that contains 2 textboxes.

Layout is like so:


When I scroll through the contents, the scrollviewer "jumps" over stackpanel2 (i.e. when I click the scrollbar, and drag down, it reaches the top of stackpanel2 then "jumps" over button1 and button2 proceedes to the top of stackPanel3 and stops)

But I want the scrollviewer to not "jump" over the contents of stackpanel2. How will I accomplish this without changing the layout?



1) I create a scrollviewer
2) Create 3 stackPanels
3) Put 2 textboxes into stackPanel1
4) Put 2 buttons into stackpandl2
5) Put 2 textboxes into stackPanel3
6) add stackPanel2 into stackPanel1
7) add stackPanel3 into stackPanel1

This is what I did

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I can't seem to replicate this, can you post a Xaml example of this behaviour – sa_ddam213 Feb 20 '13 at 20:47
This was done all in code. The only xaml used was loaded using a xaml reader. – David Feb 20 '13 at 21:58

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