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I'm looking for a diagraming tool that can be built into my C# web application that will allow a user to create a path of nodes with a fixed start and end node. The nodes would be predefined and draggable onto the canvas/chart/diagram.

Technologies: C# asp.net, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, XML,

Goal: Allow a user to create a diagram with decision and change attribute nodes that will be converted into XML to be used with Windows Workflow Foundation.

There will be a start and end node and 4 additional nodes that can be dragged into the chart:

  1. attribute node
  2. timer node
  3. branch node - yes/no decision tree
  4. action node

Each node will have to link from another node, eventually building a tree, or path from start to finish.

The branch node will allow for a yes and no child node based on it's "decision". The nodes will have to be editable (double click) and retain basic information derived from a pop up window (eg. which attribute ID was picked)

When the tree/path is completed from start node to the end node, on clicking "Next" or "Save": the nodes, their attributes and the process should be exportable as XML. This XML should also work in the opposite sense, of passing it to the canvas constructor, it will populate all the nodes in the XML and the correct links and order. I am not expecting this to work out of the box, but an API that would support this would be fantastic.

My research so far has lead me to http://gojs.net/latest/ however their website and lack of forum use worries me that I would be one of the few using the software and therefore not much support/user help.

Any and all suggestions welcome.

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Maybe not what you are looking for but Synchfusion have a diagramming control/frameworl, night be worth checking out. –  Stephen Byrne Feb 20 '13 at 22:40
What client technology are you looking for? "HTML5", Silverlight, Flash, Applets? The commercial yFiles libraries are available for all of these target frameworks. I know that you wouldn't be the only one using the software ;-) –  Sebastian Feb 21 '13 at 11:16

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