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I built a WCF service on a windows virtual machine, and tested it with the WCF test client by typing this on my browser:


... and it works pretty good. Now the problem is that I want to do the same test in my real computer (not the VM).

I'm using XAMPP on the VM, I have set the project on the htdocs folder, and I type this on my browser:

The problem is that it doesn't return the result of calling getAllCustomers, instead it returns the Service1.svc.cs in plain text.

I want it to do the same thing it does on the VM - can someone tell me what the problem is? I think it's because on the VM it works with the WCF test client, and since my computer is a Mac I can't run the WCF test client.

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A WCF service can't run on an Apache web server instead you should install IIS Server on the VM in order to test the service. Refer to this:

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thanks I didn't know that, I'm working with IIS now alhtough it's giving me some troubles to configure it – megara Feb 22 '13 at 19:40

I found this with a Google query.

I kept the tab open, but continued exploring the other search results.

One I found particularly interesting was this one: WCF acting as Web Service without IIS

It appears WCF gives options other than IIS to host the web service (Console Application, Windows Application, Windows Services).

The Windows Service link is provided here: How to: Host a WCF Service in a Managed Windows Service

I have not done this, so I cannot elaborate on what problems you will run into.

I just want others that may run into this (like I did) to know that the one answer posted last year may not actually be the end of the road.

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