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I'm using mercurial and MercurialEclipse. I just merged one of my projects and now I have, to the right of the project name in package explorer, "default {up arrow symbol} 2"

At first I thought this meant I had two tips, but looking at it with tortoise or "hg log" it seems to only have the one tip.

What does the up arrow mean?

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It means you have 2 local changesets that have not yet been pushed to the central repo. If you synchronize the project (right click on project-->Team-->Synchrozize), or do hg out on the command line, you should see them.

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Thank you, I knew I had 2 changesets, but didn't make the connection to the MercurialEclipse visual cues – monknomo Feb 21 '13 at 0:17

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