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Been stuck on this for a couple of weeks now and researched google a lot but cannot seem to find a solution. I am trying to enter a number into a UITextField and save it as an int in a database. I have had this working on another project but I get the error message:

implicit conversion of int to nsnumber is disallowed with arc

Here is the code I am using

NSNumber *firstInt = [score1TF.text intValue];
self.person.int1 = firstInt;

Any ideas?

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[score1TF.text intValue] returns an int, and you're trying to assign that to an NSNumber * variable, which isn't allowed. Assuming self.person.int1 is an int, you are looking for:

self.person.int1 = [score1TF.text intValue];

If it's an NSNumber *, you want:

self.person.int1 = [NSNumber numberWithInt:[score1TF.text intValue]];
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Thank you so much, and thanks for the simple but very clear answer –  user1178982 Feb 20 '13 at 21:27

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