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Racket is giving me a contract violation for the following code:

(define (fringe x)
  (append (car x) (fringe (cdr x))))

Any ideas what's wrong with it?

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Without context, you're depending on hoping people know what the function fringe is supposed to do. Don't make us guess: tell us what it's supposed to do. –  dyoo Feb 20 '13 at 21:28

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It happens because (car x) is not returning a list (it's hard to tell for sure without knowing the actual value of x that's rising the error). append is an operation defined between two lists. If you want to add an element at the head of a list, use cons instead of append.

This is what I mean:

(append 1 '(2 3))
=> append: expected argument of type <proper list>; given 1

(append '(1) '(2 3))
=> '(1 2 3)

(cons 1 '(2 3)) ; the recommended way!
=> '(1 2 3)
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