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Can anyone recommend a fairly clean method for determining the process scheduler an app-engine is running on at run-time (NT or UNIX). I need to set a file path that is obviously dependent upon the server the process is being executed on. I understand the GetEnv command can be used, but I don't want to set an environment variable for this particular instance (it does not reside under the PS_FILES) path. I've searched peoplebooks for any kind of built in function or system variable, but was not successful (obviously).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Okay, I may have asked this question a little too early. I apologize.

It looks like I'll just be able to query the process request table to pull back the server name:


Evaluate &server



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Exactly :-)

There are a host of Process Request records that can give you the information you need. Glad that you found it.


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Thanks for your comment, John. I found this to be the best table to go after as it always appears to be stamped with the correct server at run-time, where as the users run control and/or the process definition may be blank. But, like you said there are probably a host of other tables where you could gather this information. –  Jesse Oct 2 '09 at 0:06

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