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When John Papa posted about this new SPA template for MVC 4 Web API apps, I was very curious about breeze.js.

I currently work on an application, which uses DevForce 2012 as entity data model and was searching for how this model supports breeze.js.

I just wanted to build a simple MVC 4 project, which is able to fetch data from a table.

I thought that might be, what a controller looks like:

public class TodosController : ApiController
    // ~/api/todos/Metadata 
    public string Metadata()
        return // that's where I surely need help,
               // because breeze.js really needs this, I think

    // ~/api/todos/CustomEntities 
    public IQueryable<CustomEntity> CustomEntities()
        var manager = MyStaticContext.EntityManager;
        return new EntityQuery<CustomEntity> {EntityManager = manager};


Is it actually possible to run DevForce 2012 with breeze.js? I was googling quite some time now, but decent search results are yielded rarely. I'm sorry if it doesn't, but might the documentation lack of this, yet?

Bare with me, please. I'm very new to MVC and Html5/JavaScript. I'd really appreciate to get a hand with that.

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The best way to refactor DevForce with Breeze is to share (or copy) your existing Entity Framework model over to Breeze. As you may have seen in the documentation, you then wrap the Entity Framework context with the Breeze EFContextProvider to expose it as a WebAPI endpoint:

For various technical reasons, Breeze does not consume the DevForce model directly, but you do have access to the equivalent save interceptors by subclassing the EFContextProvider( and can perform query interception in your subclassed ApiController (

Also note that Breeze supports EF's Complex Types, but does not yet support EF inheritance or EF many-to-many mappings with no payload. Edit: As of v1.3.1 Breeze now supports inheritance.

Hope this helps!

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I'd get back to this if I'd need some help. But it should be enough to get started. Thanks a lot! – ebeeb Feb 21 '13 at 12:18
Another question. I tried to create an EFContextProvider<MyCustomData> contextProvider field in my controller. MyCustomData inherits from IdeaBlade.EntityModel.EntityManager. I added a parameterless ctor, calling the empty base ctor with default parameters. But as soon as contextProvider.MetaData() is requested by breeze.js(?) an InvalidCastException gets thrown. MyCustomData cannot be converted to DbContext. How to solve this? – ebeeb Feb 23 '13 at 16:30
MyCustomData must be a DbContext or an ObjectContext. It can't be an DevForce EntityManager. You can define (and often do define) a custom DbContext for DevForce server-side models. – Ward Feb 24 '13 at 22:37
@JayTraband can you explain what you mean by "does not yet support EF inheritance or EF many-to-many mappings with no payload"? – daveywc Apr 30 '13 at 10:11
@daveywc - Inheritance is now supported. This question talks more about many-to-many in the Breeze and the Entity Framework (…). Basically, you will need to have an explicit entity for the mapping table and navigate via the two one-to-many associations. – Ting Apr 30 '13 at 19:31

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