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Using Cometchat with cross domain settings on a Joomla 2.5 site.

Cometchat bar shows correctly and is grabbing the correct session information but not populating the userid in the URL. So when a user logs into the main site they are not logged into Cometchat.

Code placed in head.php of joomla library as provided by Cometchat is:

$buffer . = '<script> var userid = "USERID"; // Must be populated programmatically document.cookie = "cc_data="+userid; </script>'

Rather than the correct userid the url ends with "basedata=USERID" as noted in the above script. If the link shown in errors section is manually changed to add the correct userid logs cometchat shows the user as logged in.

Any code I use to try to supply the userid dymnaically throws an error of either Unknown identifier or Illegal token.

I have been over the net all over trying to find this one bit of info to no avail. HELP!

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// this gets the user object
$user =& JFactory::getUser();

// if user is not a guest print the following user info
if (!$user->guest) {
  echo 'You are logged in as:<br />';
  echo 'User name: ' . $user->username . '<br />';
  echo 'Real name: ' . $user->name . '<br />';
  echo 'User ID  : ' . $user->id . '<br />';  // if you need id this is it
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What I can't get it to do is print the id data into the "USERID" section of the orginal code. Subsituting the code for "USERID" after deleting out the first 3 echos and the added text just prints the actual code "echo $user->id" instead of "USERID". – Rebecca Lowry Feb 23 '13 at 3:29

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