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I am completely new to jinja and fairly unexperienced with python. I attempting to write a basic template that becomes used by flexget to automatically write an html file (using the make_html plugin in flexget ). I have written the template as below:

  <title>{{ tvdb_series_name }}</title>
     <meta name="description" content="{{ tvdb_rating }}" />


     <div id="content">
       <p>Why, hello there!</p>


my problem is that when flexget is run I get an error as both the tvdb_series_name and tvdb_rating is undefined but i can't find any flexget documentation to indicate how to pass in variables. I also already know it is defined as it is used in earlier parts of my config.yml file. Basically i am wondering if anyone has gotten this plugin working or there is a default way to pull passed in variables to a jinja template that I missed in the jinja2 documentation. Any help with any of this would be great as there's little documentation on flexget to refer to.

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You need to add thetvdb_lookup: yes to the task, it will populate the entry with all relevant tvdb_* variables.

More info:

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hey thanks for this, However I have already done this I use these variables in my config.yml to control where filenames and directory of output from deluge. However when using the make_html: command and selecting a template the variables do not populate and the log files says they are undefined. – brendosthoughts Feb 25 '13 at 20:39

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