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What i want to do is te following... i have a gridview that loads the data from a SQL server, i have the e.NewValue and e.oldValue to determine which data was being modified/updated but i need to get the unique record ID which is store in "ID_ControlCharts" column

So, can you provide a code snippet/brief explanation in how to get the value from "ID_controlCharts" already filled by the gridview when i updated 1 cell (e.new/old)???

Note: The index is not what i needed since the row can be deleted and the reference to that row is now lost, so since the "ID_controlCharts" is filled automatically by SQL server key, its perfect for my situation.


    If e.Equals("Control_SeqRef_CH") = False Then
        Dim oldvalue As String = e.OldValues("Control_SeqRef_CH")
        Dim newvalue As String = e.NewValues("Control_SeqRef_CH")
        Dim rowindex As Integer = e.RowIndex
        Dim IDfromcontrol as integer = ???


    End If
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You have a couple of options:

If the ID_ControlCharts column is in the record, couldn't you fetch it from e.OldValues?

Dim IDfromcontrol = e.OldValues("ID_ControlCharts")

Failing that, if you set ID_ControlCharts as a column for the DataKeyNames property, you should be able to fetch it using the ItemIndex:

Dim IDfromcontrol = GridView1.DataKeys(e.ItemIndex).Values(0)

(This is all from memory, so the syntax may be a little off.)

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found the issue, the cell was set as Read Only and the e.oldvalues return nothing but when i removed the read only option the e.olvalues worked! Thank you! –  Eddy V Feb 20 '13 at 23:07
Good! Incidentally, your first line, where you compare e to the string "Control_SeqRef_CH", is always going to return false: e is never a string! What were you trying to test there? –  Ann L. Feb 21 '13 at 14:54
Actually i modified the code to jsut grab the old value (no comparison is made)... thank you for the heads up! :) –  Eddy V Mar 6 '13 at 19:54
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