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I want to do simple live broadcast from iphone (or any other device, webcam for example).I have read a lot of articles and next view was formed for me:

  • The video before broadcasting must be encoded.
  • Video can be accessed at specifyed streaming address.

This "presentation" shows the whole arhitecture

This simple example shows how to broadcast from static content (video file that lies on server)

This question shows how to start encoding

But I cant link all together (and this articles doesnt contain much code) - How to deal with "online" video - I just need few lines of code to understand this.Must I create any TCP channels or something else?Your suggestions are highly appreciated.

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You have C# tagged in this question, yet your platform is the iPhone, notorious for its unforgiving licensing agreement for development with regards to the what language you can use. I would personally recommend you use the new HTML5/JS stuff. There is everything you need there from WebSockets ( to Html Video Capture( – Aron Feb 25 '13 at 19:38

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You should take a look at this

It shows a fully working node.js server backend with a HTML5 WebRTC client to create a video conferencing demo.

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