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I'm trying to do a 'like' query in mongodb. I see that's done with a regexp so I'm trying to set it like this:

$scope.clients = Client.query({
            name: RegExp($routeParams.str)

The thing is angular.toJson function does not get any regexp:

Is there any other way to do that?

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From my understanding of your question, you want your JSON object to contain the regular expression as a string?

In that case, you can manually convert it to a string in the declaration, i.e:

$scope.object = angular.toJson({
    "param" : new RegExp(str).toString()

See updated plunk:

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Well, it's not that easy, I want to pass an object like suggested in here:… but with your solution I finally pass a string and the search returns no results – subarroca Feb 24 '13 at 10:04
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I finally found a solution.

The problem is using the toJon function as it does not allow any key starting with / or $ so the solution is avoiding the use of this function and just write the object as a string

$scope.clients = Client.query({
    q:'{src:{$regex:"' + $routeParams.str + '"}}'
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